WTS 25.4m supercarrier toon starting bid lowered

Link to Skillz https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Cancerous_Enigma


Great Name
Head full of +5's
Cybernetics V
Perfect support skills for shield and armor
1M Free SP!
1 Remap
Positive wallet
NPC Corp.
No kill rights
2 Jump clones, 1 in Jita (currently) and 1 in Low sec

Has both amar and caldari carriers trained
Low employment history

Was my supercarrier sitter back in the day, just train the way you want, all basics plus some are done for you

Starting at 25b

Serious offers only

27b offer

30 b /o

Ty for the offers, lets keep them coming. looking for a fast sale


GTX 980, thank you. if no other bids come in tonight by 7:30pm EST you will have this awesome toon



I am online now, HappyOne you are the highest bidder at 33bil. send isk to this toon soon if not another might outbid you…

HappeyOneOFF never replied, toon still for sale

still for sale

Back up

Starting bid lowered, online now

still available

back up top, come on peeps

still available

30 bn buy out lasts til I find another toon

32b stands

33 buy out

Vex the toon is yours, send isk and acct info to this toon. Online now