WTS 25.5Mil SP PVE / Hauler Pilot

EveSkillboard - Micha Seraph

:small_orange_diamond:NPC Corp
:small_orange_diamond:Positive Wallet
:small_orange_diamond:No outstanding KR’s against
:small_orange_diamond:Focussed for Amarr ships and Barges
:small_orange_diamond:Located in High Sec
:small_orange_diamond:One single ship loss to date Micha Seraph | Character | zKillboard

B/O 18Bil

Bump \o

Bump o7

Bump o/

15b b/o

Bump o/

Thanks for the offers in game, still for sale o/

Online now o/

Online o/

Bump o/

Bump o/

Bump, potentially sold with more SP o/

I can do 17bil :slight_smile:

Hi Vicky, I’ve committed to a 16.9bil bid in game. If this doesn’t go through in 12 hours, it’s yours for 16.9bil.

Micha o/

Isk received. Await free slot on the target account and Micha shall be sent across o/

Transfer started, you should receive an email to confirm.

Flysafe o/

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