Positive wallet
In high sec
Npc corp
B/O 30b

EveSkillboard - Ziben Ra

15 bil b/o

20 bil

Sorry to low

ok, I’m increasing the offer to 22 bil

I can get more extracting

You can get 59 injectors worth 34 bil, for this you need to buy 59 extractors worth 17 bil, in the end you will get 17 bil without taxes.

23 bil is my last offer

To low sorry

Proof of ownership of char?

following the rules and creating the topic with the char for sale.

I am for sale


23.5 bil

To low sorry

Bump! Revised buyout to 25b

give me a day and I’ll buy it out for 25b

25b b/o

accepted awaiting isk.

to whom I should send the ISK?