WTS 25,8M SP Moros/Rev alt


Character is located in Auga. Comes with a Moros, with fit and items;


~6,48BN net worth.

Daily bump

15b for character

Just tell us how much you want.
The last 4 dread toons i’ve looked at have either sat for weeks/months or have been withdrawn, keeping so much isk liquid is irritating.
Give me a pricepoint.

Hello. 16b for character

You can’t sell in-game assets with the char, read the rules bruh.

17B for character only


You can only sell the character, no assets.

i can offer 17b for the toon, and 6b for the moros if you contract it to me separately. but it has to happen tonight, in the next ~4 hours

18b for character

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