WTS 250 Osprey navy issue

WTS 250 Osprey navy issue Ships !

Bulk only!

Offer me a good price and I am sure we can work something out

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Sent mail

Responded and I am sure the offer can be a bit better

do not be afraid to contact me people.

We’re still negotiating?

Agreed on price now hes trying to raise it…

I am the seller!
You are the buyer !

that is how it works buddy. I gave you a offer you left and then you tried to renegotiate

I agreed to offer and you then changed price. I don’t need them and you’re obviously are a joke. Will do on the offer I agreed to. Otherwise have nice day.

What is your offer ?


The 7bil we agreed on?

I think it would be fair to sell it for 7.5 bil

Its not that its fair. Its the fact you said a price then I agreed. Then raised price. I will not come up from the price we originally agreed on for principal. I make plenty of isk and don’t need to deal with the games.

I will sell it for 7.5


Not to me. Have nice day.

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