WTS 256,7M SP Fighter

Bids start at 130b
Increase 5b
Buyout at 200b

She is maxed out on most skills for battle, level 5 on all gunnery skills including cap if I remember correct.

170b offer

Ok, if no one outbids you by end of tomorrow, then Ill sell it to you Mr Green

are you sell your char before?

I tried but no one did buy at the time, but the post you refere to is Uma Ito, not Kira as this one is

ok i see you tomorrow

Talk tomorrow :slight_smile:

im sorry i cancel my offer

ok, fair enough

135b offer

kira maiory 145B

I will wait 48h before accepting your offer WTB All Characters.

155b offer

Thank you for bid, I will wait 48h before accepting your offer

This is a robery if it goes this low :slight_smile:

Ill be on at 2200 Eve time to do trade to the highest bidder at the time


Bid accepted, please wire ink to Kira Maiory and I will start the process.

I can offer 158b if you like