WTS 25M Gallente sub-cap specialist

24.6M skillpoints

I’m selling this pilot trained near perfection.
2013 character with a very short corp history.
Ishtar specialist with sentry interfacing V
With some extra skills in scanning.
1 remap
45k unallocated skillpoints
Location: Akhragan in Domain

Starting bid is 20B

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21b right now


ill go 25b if you can wait for 2 days

Character will be sold to the highest bidder in 24 hours.

Current bid is 25B by HAN O SolO

HAN O SolO will buy the character, awaiting isks before beginning transfer.

Sorry I probably made a mistake in my calculations, cant get needed isk atm. I have 16b and cant find additional 9b to make a 25b offer.

Good luck with sale

25B and it is yours right now.


23.5b valid until dt.

Offers were retracted, character is still for sale.

so whats highest bid?

Current bid is 23B

I accept the 24.5B offer, awaiting isks before strating the transfer.

Isk and account information sent.

Confirmation Received.

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