WTS 25m SP Fax Pilot

WTS 25m SP Fax Pilot

13B bid, and you would really help me out with this! :smiley:

I bid 15 billion yuan. If someone offers more than me, I will update my offer at this time tomorrow.

I will give you 16B, and we can arrange today

17B offer


If there is no higher offer within three hours,I will accept your offer :smiley: :smiley:

18bil offer

18,5B final offer :slight_smile:

sent me isk and maill me your Transfer account. i will start Transfer immediately :smiley:

ISK sent to Mr Rescuers.

In game mail sent with transfer account


ISK received
transfer started
please confirm

character transfer email received

Why don’t you wait 3 hours, I can offer 19b.

Why don’t you wait 3 hours, I can offer 20b.

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