WTS 25m SP PvP Pilot

For sale! Starting bid 12.5b

Ikitursa, Leshak, Talos, Catalyst, Sabre, Malediction Pilot

Taking offers as of now, will be selling to the highest bidder when I accept the price.
Currently in NPC corp and in a Triglavian station.
Located in Senda III - Moon 1 - Veles Clade Proving Complex
One clone in Kulelen V - Moon 16 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory
4 total jump clones via skills available
2 Bonus Revamps available
10,000 skillpoints available
No kill rights
-0.7 sec status

For whatever reason the skillboard is missing skills: https://i.imgur.com/iDEDYsa.png To show it is ikitursa capable.

10b here


12.5 Bill buy out

Confirming sale to Seinar Dragmire

Isk sent.

Confirmed isk received. Confirmation email received as well.

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