WTS 25m SP Stratios pilot - Perfect prober


I’m for sale, all rules apply.

pw: 123


  • All probing skills V, Archeology V
  • T2 light & medium Amarr / Gal / Min drones, less than 4 days from heavies
  • Amarr & Gallente Cruiser V
  • Covert ops V
  • Cybernetics V: Virtue ready
  • Transport ships IV
  • Very good core skills
  • Strong Astero pilot ( Amarr frig V, Gal frig IV)

Positive wallet
No killright
Sec status -0.18
2 remaps available

Starting bid: 14b
Reserve: hidden

Auction will end with a good offer

17 bil

Thanks for the offers, bump

edit: bid retracted

Bump !

Bump, not far from what i was expecting


To the top !

Still selling !


18.7b offered

19 available now

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