WTS 25sp Rorqual pilot with T2 mining ship skill

you sill here ?

the winner is Aaron Brinalle .Plz send isk and account info .

if you still wanna buy this char

nvm found another toon

continue selling bump!



21bil, but I’m not going to wait a week for a reply.

rogar send isk and account info by email

if you are ready

ISK and account info sent.

rogar that ,preparing for that

sry bro the site tell me that you have too many characters in your account info , could you plz give another account info plz ?or I will return you isk?

by email too

still for sale?

ofc bro

I will give isk back to u

I still have a character in biomass queue. You have the isk, so just wait another 7 hours and put in the transfer, ok?

sry I return you isk back , if you char is still in the account , I cant complete the transfer character, after 7 day , you can come here for buying if anyone doesn’t take

7 day?