WTS 265m sp + 1.6m sp Unallocated

Looking to sell myself,

The one and only Cable Uta a piece of history for the ages.

Dunno how much I’d accept, but lets see if people want to buy me :slight_smile:
UPDATE Given that I am seeing a ton of meh bids lets keep it above 210b as a minimum :wink:

All transfer rules apply obviously…
Will be in NPC corp upon sale completion :slight_smile:

Happy bidding

190 B offer

Does he have a positive wallet balance? LOL

193B offers

195b offer

Now we are talking, lets see how far this goes

your immediate B/O price please.

Does he have a positive wallet balance?

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Yes, as per comment that all rules apply

B/O price please.

230b + I am Quix Unar offer

300b buy out price offer

Buyout agreed to, isk sent and mail with account details. Thank you o7

Who the hell are you? You’re not the character I don’t understand what you mean

IMO, probably an alt of Cable’s

Not really, just someone who really wants the char :slight_smile:

Buyout agreed starting transfer :slight_smile:

I will send you my account and ISK

I got a much higher bid and already accepted it sorry

Is this a joke