WTS 26M pilot (only support skills, perfect for anything)

I’m selling this toon which basically has about 1year worth of only support skills trained, and it’s ready to be molded for any kind of play style.

As per rules:

  1. Positive wallet balance
  2. No kill rights
  3. No jump clones
  4. In NPC corp and located in jita

Other highlights:
a) +5 perception, int and memory implants in
b) 2.2M unallocated SP
c) 3x remaps available - normal + 2 bonus
d) empty killboard and no corp history

Skills: Kyr'Ozches Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Not considering offers under 25B.

You’re genuinely high if you think you’ll get that price

You are entitled to your own opinion but if you do some napkin math the price makes sense.

If you were to inject a toon to 26M SP (and assume that you use referral for extra 1M) it would cost you 42B or using the cheaper route of plexing (aprox. 22B) but then you have to wait 15months, and don’t forget about the extra transfer fee the seller incurs.

Long story short, you basically pay the exact amount of ISK if you were to plex an account for 15months without actually waiting the 15months.


That’s cool and all but that’s not how character valuation works.


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