WTS 26M SP (Unallocated 19M SP)

Unallocated SP: 19,269,655 Skillpoints
Allocated SP: 6,710,876 Skillpoints
Total SP: 25,980,531 Skillpoints

Located in Jita.
Clean PVP board
1KK isk on a wallet
No kill rights.
All CCP rules apply.
Start bid: 20B
B/O: 25B

20b isk

25b B/O

Post on char to confirm its for sale?

for sale

League Audeles contacted in-game.

25.5b B/O

I contacted both … please come back to me in the game… I’m online…

tried to convo you

isk and account name sent

isk received character transfer is initiated to League Audeles

sold, can be closed

If you have more toons like this, please pm me ingame.

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