WTS 27 million sp Thantas Pilot

WTS 27 million sp Thantas Pilot

skillpomts: 27,432,810

30 BO


-1 Bonus Remaps
-no kill rights
-positive wallet and sec status
-Will be in NPC Corp and located in Amarr or Jita (Buyer’s preference)

In addition to Thanatos, he can fly
Gallante Combat Recon Ship
Gallante Force Recon Ship
Gallante Heavy Assault Cruiser

199999 LPs for Amarr navy

24b isk ready

Good afternoon, Chalune. Thank you for the fair offer. If you can do 25b, we will have a deal. If not, I will wait 24 hours. Please let me know what you think.



I can go 25, sending isk/details

Could you drop corp first please? per ccp rules

Of course. I am on travel and will be home later this evening EST. Once I leave corp and transfer assets, I will let you know.

No problem

Okay. Confirmed out of corp - transferring assets. Ready when you are.

And where do you want this guy? I can travel to Amarr (I am in Providence) tonight as I would rather you have immediate access to implants and NOT have you jump or stranded into possibly unfamiliar 0.0 space.

Anywhere in hisec is fine honestly, amarr would be good. Sorry about the delay ended up a bit too late (euro here) isk/details sent

You got it. Confirmed I received ISK payment. I will transport him to Amarr today and initiate character transfer no later then this evening EST. Sorry for this delay, Sundays are busy.

No problem at all, pleasure doing business

And with you. Transfer initiated.
Dec 29, 2019 18:41:48 PST
Transaction ID: [708224402E517841F ]

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