WTS 270Msp PvP focus toon

It can board most PvP ships except for the Titan.
Has 6.44M unlocated skills.
Can board dreadnoughts, carriers and SCs in 4 fuction.
High grade amulet implants and +4, +5 implants JC
I am in JITA.
Positive wallet
No kill rights

Starting bid :180 bill

Buyout on offer only
I reserve the right to not sell

155 bil, serious offer with isk ready on hand

Mail Sent

180 bil

Ingame Offer 185B

205 bil

220B B/O

210 bil b/o

220 bil b/o

B/O accept

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isk and account information sent :slight_smile:

i can do 225 bil

ISK and account info received.
Transfer will begin.

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Character has arrived o7

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