WTS 28.5M SP Miner / Shipping / PI Character

In NPC Corp, Docked in Jita
1 Jump Clone in HS (Jarizza)
Remap = 1
Sec Status + 0.06
Positive Wallet
All Positive Standings (Other than RATS)
No Kill Rights - 1 Recorded death from lighting a cyno
Can Fly “ALL” Exhumer’s and Expedition Frigates
Industrial Command Ships / Providence and Obelisk
24 Days additional training needed (2 skills) for Ark & Anshar (Skill Books Injected)

30 B gets this well skilled pilot.
I will pay transfer within 24hrs of receiving payment

(see EvE Skillboard for full stats)

1st Bump

20b valid 24h offer

Make it 25b and we have a deal. If not thanks for looking and making a offer.

25b have a deal

25 B Accepted. Waiting on ISK and will begin transfer immediately.

ok. this evening when i’m back from work :slight_smile:

money sent from my alt Omega Arnolles. Target account on Transaction Description. Waiting Confirmation


ISK Received . Transfer in progress. Please check you character mail to confirm I have the correct account name. Thank You

Character Transfer Completed.
Thank You Mike

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