WTS 28m dedicated abyssal runner and well rounded starter

Selling myself!


  • Almost perfect skills Gila T5-6, especially good for exotics, core drone skills to lvl 5.
  • Well rounded starter character with maxed/lvl 5 basic skills, core missile skills at lvl 4-5

Basic information
Located in Jita
Positive wallet
No kill rights
NPC corp
Will pay transfer as per the rules.
Skill queue paused.

Well dressed for crashing at a party

  • Starting bid 20B isk
  • BO at 25B isk
  • Offers below starting bid will be seen as friendly bumps.

I bought it for 20B at 23m SP, I’d be looking for 20B+ now sitting at 28.3m SP

(Skillboard still indicates SEADC, but it will turn to Pator Tech School eventually I guess?)

I’d give you 18b for it.
Character prices change with extraction cost - which is currently ass. I’m offering far more than that.

Yeah all right, fair enough, expectation adjusted. =)
Let’s go for 18B then, you got a deal @Istoh_Kanjus

If you got no reply from other buyer, I can offer 18B for Delta Wolf, ISK ready.

@CQ_X all right, well noted!

I will wait a few hours to let a chance to @Istoh_Kanjus to reply, and then will write you if he does not give signs of life. Fair enough? =)

fair enough =)

Uh, I feel a bit bad hehe, but I don’t want to just keep waiting. So let’s proceed with you @CQ_X

Offer accepted from CQ X.
You can send ISK at your earliest convenience as well as the account/chacracter to the account to which the transfer should be done.


WIll do the transfer soon, please tell me which account should I send the ISK to

“to the account to which the transfer should be done.” sry. Sending ISK to Delta Wolf right now, and the account info will be sent via in-game email.

18 Billion ISK and Account name sent via in-game email to “Delta Wolf”, please confirm.

Hi! I received the isk, and will initiate transfer in the next 5 minutes or so.

Character transfer started, a 10 hours delay usually applied for security reasons. You’ll surely get an email in the coming moment.
Please let me know if anything goes wrong.

Email received, transfer started.

Glad you got a good price, I completely forgot I’d bid on any characters.

Transfer completed, thanks.

ty xD

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