[SOLD] 10.4M SP Mission Runner Trigalvian IKITURSA PILOT

Hi, im for sale

can run LEVEL4 mission with SOE ,Thukker Corporation and Gallente
can run Abyssal in ikitursa
All rules followed
in highsec
Npc corp
Location Jita
Killright Ikitursa | Ziz Jager | Killmail | zKillboard bcs get ganked in HS
Empty Wallet
Jump Clones all at Jita
good sec statue
Buy out: 11b or offer

Offer 7,5b

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Thanks for your interest, looking for more actually

8b offer for today only

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10B and we have a deal

I can offer 8.5b, currently not willing to go to 10

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8.75bil but that’s me done

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9.5 at very least

9 bil

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9.5b bro i know you can do it <3


offer accepted can you send me the info where i should transfer it and the isk thanks

Isk transferred. Will eve mail you the details shortly

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isk well received, waiting the eve mail info account to start transfer :slight_smile:

Information send (and confirmed by seller)

He’s currently waiting for a char slot to become available on my account and will initiate the transfer in about 9h45m


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You can start the transfer. Let me know when it has been initiated

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Transfer initied today :slight_smile: thanks for your patience and enjoy ^^

I forget to sent the isk to an other character first can you please sent it to an other character pls i was at my job and forget about it :confused:

Transfer the isk at ‘Tsiaro’ please thank you

I will do so once I received the character

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