WTS 28SP Marauder (Paladin/Vargur) Pilot and Nergal

PVP Pilot
27,815,240 Skillpoints
262,299 Unallocated SP

Athyna Rinah’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Clone with +5 implants
Bonus Remaps available: 2

  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Jita
  • No Kill Rights
  • 0.8 Security status
  • Member of an NPC Corporation

BO : 27B


20b isk

23B isk


27b offer


28b offer

28.5b,isk sent after 1200 utc,still working:(

29b offer

Will close offer 16 eve time


29.5b offer


30b offer

I accept 30B for this char, send me the isk and an account name

30B sent to Athyna Rinah
account name :[Removed by @ISD_Drew]

I sent a mail within the game, pay the cost 30 b

Transfer in progress.
Have a nice fly

Hello, why haven’t you transferred roles yet

Hello, is there any problem with this transaction? I haven’t received what I deserve yet.