WTS 29 mil industry character

Want to sell my alt industry, science, and market character. It’s also a transportation, market, and production character.

It’s comes with plus 5 implants (Improved)

Located in high sec

Positive wallet

Npc corp

Starting bid 17 Bil

Buyout bid 21.5 Bil


15 bill

15.5 bil

16 billion

Thanks for the offer but no thanks

Quite a bit of thread bumping going on here.

yeah too much bumping is going on here

17 b offer

I would do it if your still interested

I will send isk and acc now

isk and acc sent

Determine the deal?

Let me log on

isk / acc received sending it now

Character transferred now Done deal

Did u receive character? Please post here so forums can close it

Sorry. the char received.thank you.

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