WTS 29M Paladin Marauder Pilot SOLD

He no longer wants it. I bid 27B, can I sell it?

spoke too soon

27.5b offer

Lol in with the snipe, alright. Since other guy couldn’t confirm and hadn’t sent anything yet.
Send isk and mail with account name so I can initiate transfer.

28 offer

is my right ?

I’ll honor it since i accepted before he made the counter offer, and i would rather not flip-flop more than once so yes, you won at 27.5b. Send isk and details to sheiff and I’ll get it transferred when I’m home :slight_smile:

isk has sent bro

acount has sent

I’ll initiate the transfer when I’m home from work in a couple hours

Has the account been sold yet?

Yes, and due to a really bad disaster thanks to the only natural gas pipeline to my area being ruptured, my bank has been closed for 2 days and I can’t unlock my card until they open…

Another bank? Unlock online. Theres other options one would think

Veterans day, so it’s closed, My options are “lol good luck, we’ll sort you out monday” or hope their automated system actually works for once.

bro,my isk has been transferred. When can it be transferred? I have sent an email to the Shieff account.

i need your reply

Yeah, i’m trying but i might need 1-2 more days to initiate transfer, sorry…

To let you know, first thing monday I will get the character sent asap, I’m incredibly sorry for all this…

Transfer initiated, it can take up to 10 hours for the character to show up on your account, again I am terribly sorry about the hastle.

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