WTS 29M Paladin Marauder Pilot SOLD

shieff Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

29M Hyper focused to pilot a Paladin.
No kill rights
Positive security status
Positive wallet
Is in NPC corp


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I’ll give you 6 isk

You must have extracted some of his skills because he doesn’t have his own racial frig training to L1?
No judgement just curious on what his skill sheet looks like…

You can see his skills. Amarr and gallente frigates are at 3

Yet his NPC Corp and Character desc show he is Caldari.

He flies a paladin, not a condor.

What is the expected price


Looking for around 28b



Getting close, still for sale. 27b takes him home :slight_smile:

i retract actually


Appreciate the offer, but need a couple more bil then sure.


27bil BO


What, you don’t want it anymore?

Guess he didn’t, but sale price remains at 27b.