WTS 29m SP, 2004 Char Hauler/trader

Character is Sold

WTS this 2004 Char with 29.1 M SP,
Clean corp history,
In NPC corp in hi-sec
No kill rights
Pos Isk

I’ve been using as a hauler and trader, can fly a Caldari freighter.

Best offers plz,

17b offer

17.5b Offer :slight_smile:


17.8b :wink:

17.9 :stuck_out_tongue:

18b :innocent:

Thx for the offers; going to let it run awhile to see what comes in.
Hoping to get a little more…


Offer accepted if you can close within an hour.
Send isk and acct info to Xan plz.

19b isk sent. And account name sent in game.

Received and transfer done,

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