WTS 2x 2008 Characters: Alexander Fletch and Caldari Citizen 1363903484

Alexander Fletch has 3 bonus remaps and blank profile avatar (apperance is blank, can be created to your desire), 873k SP towards minmatar and gunnery
Caldari Citizen has 0 bonus remaps, 758k SP towards trading and blank profile avatar

Send me a mail in game.



Some unallocated SP as well. My mistake on the Caldari Citizen, he does have 3 bonus + the yearly remap.

Feel free to post offers here or mail JD Rocketfeller in game.

Confirming ownership.

4B for Caldari_Citizen_1363903484

Thanks for the offer. Is there a way for the buyer to pay the transfer fee (and reduce the ISK offer accordingly), or to pay the transfer fee in PLEX? I’ve been out of the game for a couple years and things have changed it seems.

No, you will have to pay the transfer fees yourself, with 1000 PLEX or 20$/€.

So, you have to keep that in mind before accepting a buying offer.

Alexander Fletch 4 bin

3.5 bil for Caldari.

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