WTS 2x Mining Chars

Want to sell the 2 Mining Brothers

Jokarent 8,3mio SP 8b B/O http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jokarent
Jokurunt 6,3mio SP 6b B/O http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jokurunt pw: 12345

12b B/O both

Both have Exhumers 5
Located in Jita
No Killrights and stuff

10.5b for both

12b for both

Please have Jokurunt reply in this thread that he is for sale!

12.5b for both, isk ready


I´m to sell too when that was the question

Thanks for the offers, still chance to bet

13.1b for both, isk ready



Well then, free bump :slight_smile:
Feel free

offer retracted.

i’ll give you 13b now. isk ready.

you allready bet 14b

13 is my final offer.

Biz Wiz21h already bet 13,1b

13,2. then

allright, offer accepted

I’ll do 13.3b if you haven’t already transferred.