WTS 3 5ish Mil SP - Loki Starter! Indy Starter! Mining Starter!

Firstly, selling myself
5.8mil sp
positive wallet
no kill rights
located in Duripant
1 remap + 2 bonus
Could be a great little jump start on a loki pilot!

5.6mil sp
positive wallet
no kill rights
located in amarr
1 remap + 1 bonus

5.1m sp
positive wallet
no kill rights
located in perimiter
1 remap + 1 bonus
Great Indy starter
Will take best offer!

3b to start Cobalt

4.5b offer for Cobalt Son

5b and he’s yours

sorry 4.8b is all got :frowning:

Accepted if thats a bid, send isk and account info

will send isk and account name n 15 mins

isk and account name sent. Waiting for transfer

Isk and account name received, CCP petitioned. Thanks for the sale!

will give you 4 Bil for Kail Huunuras

4.5b and he’s yours.

all I have is 4bil

I’ll wait a bit then and see if I get any other offers, but will consider it dude.

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3 bil on gold sun

8bil for both kali and gold

8.25 bil for both kail and gold

Call it 9 for both kail and gold and we have a deal.

Hmhmmm lemme think

I’ll do 9 for both

Awesome, please split it, send to each character and mail which account they are going to.