WTS 3 letter char name

Have you ever wanted an alt with a name that gives you and your friends agita when you try and contract something to it? Well look no further!

In NPC corp.
Located in Jita.
Sec status: 0
Pos wallet balance.
No killrights.

I’ve used this toon as an “out” cyno (hence the name) so it can only fly a cyno venture and sigil.

Lowest price I would take is 50b and yes, I know it’s a stupid amount for getting a non functional toon.
The buyer I’m looking for is either a collector of sorts or someone that happened to stumble on this thread after an evening of bar hopping.


What do you mean by “non functional”?


I was just trying to emphasize that the buyer will pay a big amount of isk for a character with basically 0 skill points.

Have a great weekend!

Bump. Surely there’s someone out there that wants a char that gives over 500 results when you name search it!

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