WTS 3 Low SP 2004 Characters - Sold

Please accept my apologies for the delay.

Thank you for confirming that you have received Enigma 11.

I’ve initiated the transfer of Ripley12, so she should be on your account in approximately 10 hours.

I cannot provide a screenshot, as I’m receiving an error message on the page where it shows the character transfer has been initiated.

Please confirm once you have received Ripley12 and I will then initiate the transfer of Jack’ Sparrow to your account.

Many thanks!

Ripley12 has arrived, waiting for last character Jack’ Sparrow

The transfer of Jack’ Sparrow has been initiated.

He should be on your account in the next 10 hours.

Please confirm here once you have received the character.

Many thanks!

Jack’ Sparrow has arrived.
Thanks for trade!

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