WTS 3 x starter miner / industrial fun

This thread has been relisted as the OP has Confirmed the characters for sale.


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All character sales should be done in #marketplace:character-bazaar. Accordingly, this thread has been moved.




up up up

8b bid for Ganjo Ovaron

  • il need an updated eveboard link before finalization as its api key has expired


Bidding 20b on Ganjitos. This bid is valid for 72 hours.

35B right now for 3 toons.

bid accepted, waiting next step.**

I dont think you are getting reply on 8d old bid so bidding 8b for 2 and 8b for 3

28 for all 3

32b offered for all 3 characters.

15b for Ganjitos, isk ready now

4.5b for Ganjao Ovaron

16b for Ganjitos

is it still for sale?

Yes, the best bid is 18B.