WTS 30.5M RORQ pilot


NPC corp
located in jita4

Unallocated SP are included in total SP of pilot, not as extra one. So your pilot have 30,5m SP with unallocated SP. Fiis your thread title.

my bad,its 30.5m now ,thx

29 Bill B/O, Isk Ready

PS. Your character has to be in a NPC corp to be sold.

yes,its in npc corp.
if only u bid before tomorrow DT,29bill is ok

your bid accept
Please send the isk and account info

Isk and account name sent to Monster Munch.

Thank you

this name
alex sjy
u can send message to me now

are u still here? i lost the account info

send a message to me plz

I am at work now and I have sent the account information 3 times to you now.

It is in your evemail on Monster Munch. Check your read messages.

i see the evemail
ty sir


Character received

good luck

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