WTS 30 mil SP Nyx Pilot, HG Slaves, Glittering Dream

WTS Myself nearly 31 mil SP Nyx Pilot

Pass: 123

Located in HiSec
NPC Corp
Positive Wallet

He has a HG Slave Set
And the Glittering Dream Skin for the Nyx

Starting bid of 28 bil
B/O 40 Bil
Will go for 1 Week / I can be convinced to sell early without reaching a B/O just want to be able to fall back if I need to.

Fell free to Eve Mail with Questions, or post here.
Thanks for looking

28b offer

28.5 bil

29.5 Bil Offer

35b buyout offer, negotiated ingame

Agreed logging in now

ISK and account info sent

Isk and Mail rec’ved
Character Transfered
Thanks for the sale

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