[WTS] 30M Leadership Character, FC5 with 512k Unallocated SP

(NotA Hotdropper) #1

Looking to sell this character, has perfect combat boosts (including FC5) as well as 512k unallocated SP.

Will be located in highsec, has no kill rights or anything and 0 sec status.
One remap plus two bonus for a total of three.

Board: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/NotA_Hotdropper
Password: 1234

This will be a PLEX transfer.
Looking to start bidding at above 25B, as I’ve already had an offer of this amount for him.

(Saveritas) #2

I’ll start you off with a bid for 25.5b then

(NotA Hotdropper) #3


(NotA Hotdropper) #4

Bump. Anyone?

(Akira Kashada) #5

26b bid.

(system) #6

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