WTS 30m SP Curse alt (clean injected char, recent)

Just skilled this one a few days ago, and little did I know a friend stopped playing and gave me his link alt. Playing on a mac I cannot have Eve-o and multibox beyond 2 acc is harsh.

Tsumana Ikkala’s Skills (30mil sp) injected a few days ago. Clean history. 2 bonus remaps, currently under a few boosters +10stats

all rules of ccp character sales will be followed:
positive wallet
free from kill rights
in high sec and npc corp

I know how all this works and the values, so I am going to leave it up to you, the player base, to start each bid, I will post when we are getting close to a buyout .
Just note that all lowballs will be considered bumps (thank you)


I’m so confuse why my first post (which wasn’t valid because posted by another char) that I closed, was reopened, my second post was banned because a mod went mad, and it’s all so confusing.

Best offer was 19b

Closing, please refer to WTS 30m SP Curse alt (clean injected char, recent) - #7 by Tsumana_Ikkala which has been reopened.

Edit: except I cannot close. If a mod can, please do.

Closed by request of Op.