Wts 31 m sp toon: born in 2007

I wanna represent you one of toons that I would like to sell


Gallente and Caldari BS 5 and 4 accordingly
Covert Ops 4

Sec status around 0 , wallet the same
No kill rights
Npc corp
Location high sec
3 bonus remaps

Starting price: 20 b

22 bil here

23 bil

25 bil

25 is good for me, I am accepting this bid

ISK and account information has been sent.

Scam alert: no follow up, no confirmation of transfer, eveskillboard now revoked. Ticket filed.

This is regrettable… my streak of 39 consecutive successful character purchases has come to an end…

impressive streak i had 6 scams out of 10 buys…

^ Ouch, hell of a run of bad luck!

This case resolved. Thanks to the GMs for a lightning-fast response!!

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