WTS 31M SP Amarr Character

15B offer

What’s your favored price

16B offer

18B B\O

I forgot to mention the implants in the current clone:

18B offer

18.5B offer, sry

18.6B offer,

Could you plz give your price, unless it’s hard for us to bid.

I am look for something in the neighborhood of 20B.

The current bid is close enough.

I’ve just been waiting to see if anyone else is interested.

Tomorrow I’ll take to the best offer.


18.7B offer


19B offer

If you accept, I hope we can deal after DT, since then I’ll go to sleep in GMT+8.

In fact I’ll take plane without my laptop and internet tomorrow…

I’m waiting for your reply

Your offer is accepted qiutian2402

20B if still available.

If qiutian2402 does not reply within 24 hours of my accepting his offer, then I’ll take it.