WTS 32.3m SP T2 indy character

WTS Rupert TheBear. Specialist T2 sub-cap industrialist, including invention, reactions, and manufacturing. He can’t fly much, but he’s supposed to sit in a station turning materials into ISK!

  • Located in Jita
  • Positive wallet
  • 0.0 sec status
  • No kill-rights

21b buyout.

Happy bidding people!

15b as my first offer

Btw isk on hand so it would be a quick sale if you agree here

16 b offer

18b is an acceptable offer - who’s getting there first?

I can offer 18b, let me know if i can send you the money.

@Vinny_DaMini you would, as you said it!! :slight_smile:

I’m in no rush to sell and, in the grand scheme of things, 1.5b really isn’t worth the effort to penny pinch :wink:

You KNOW you want to, so step up and STILL grab a bargain!

17 b offer

Apologies, found a superior toon.


Toon will sell tomorrow, regardless.

@Finmon - 17b is winning so far :slight_smile:
@Vinny_DaMini close 2nd, Rupert can still be YOURS!

Still 15.5b offer according to my experience, you may not receive a deal from that guy, and I had already get my INy char by using skills injectors. So lower the price in case I may still take a chance to get this one

Any deal happening?

16.5b offer

@MoonMoon SOLD!

Send me an eve-mail with the destination account, and the ISK, and I’ll initiate the transfer.

Please let me know when you’ve sent the details.

isk and account info sent