WTS: ~32M SP PLUS ~ 3.5m SP Unallocated SP - Niddy pilot


I am looking for a new Boss / Boss-dudette.

My Skills (Worth to check-out):


  • Original name
  • ~ 3.5m SP Unallocated
  • Strong skilled Capital pilot
  • Very easy to train towards a SC


  • Transfer will be paid by me
  • Char is in Jita
  • Positive wallet

Start: 30B
B/O: 34B

Auction ends at 19.00 EVE Time tomorrow (1ste of september). I hold the right to end this auction at all time or if the price isnt what i am looking for.

Daily bump

I am very interested in this character, i will see if i can get the ISK needed together.

Up we go

Up we go for the next weekend :slight_smile:

30 bil

Thank you

So…is the deal on? If it is, I’ll transfer the ISK within 24 hrs.

I am looking for abit more then the starting bid.

Nice toon, if i had the iskies…

Consider it a free bump

31 bil?

make it 33.5b and we have a deal.

Deal, I’ll transfer the ISK within 24 hrs.

33.5bil ISK sent

ISK Received and accountname received.

Support ticket is created for transfer. Grats on your new toon.

Transfer is done… You should have received the char.

Char received

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