WTS 33.5M SP JF Near perfect


Positive sec status, no killrights, located in highsec, in npc corp. following all posted game rules.

330k skill points to inject into whatever you like
2 days training to JF V
Jump cal V
Jump fuel IV
Anshar focused, caldari skill book injected.
Gal Freighter V
Transport ships V
Minmitar hauler V
Max shield skills
high grade ascendance set - included for free

notable skins:
Redclaw sable skin for obelisk valued at about 400m

raata sunset skin for charon, valued at 6.4B

Rhea Matigu seabeast valued at 3.5B

Mastadon hazard control skin - not for sale, rare?

B/O 30B - non negotiable

30 bill buyout.

Sold please send isk and account info via mail. Allow me aprox 5 hours ill be home around then. Thank you for your patience

Isk and account name sent. No problem on the waiting

Transfer has started as of now, thanks and enjoy!

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