[ SOLD ] JF - Orca - C Ops - 76m SP - [ 1.8m unallocated ]

Selling my self
https://skillq.net/char/Renateshka/share/690132f8-d923-47e9-ade8-1bac5288a421 for 73 b

No Bounty / Kill rights
Positive wallet
Parked in High Sec

Just to know I already sold 3 and created the transfers.

I already reported you to support for harassment and offensive accusations without any proof from your side…

I am still… for sale!

Still waiting for my buyer!


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Jump Freighter still up for sale.

55b offer

Sorry. Very low… I can accept 70 if you like.

Still up for sale.

56 bil

Too low. I can accept 70b.

Still up for sale!

Still here.

If you climb to 71b we have a deal.

@ valindil89
This is my Jf pilot

Still looking for a buyer.

Hey, because I wanna sell…

Would you consider 67b please?