WTS 33.6M NYX forcusing char

33.6M char


implant set

High-grade Amulet Alpha
High-grade Amulet Beta
High-grade Amulet Gamma
High-grade Amulet Delta
High-grade Amulet Epsilon
High-grade Amulet Omega
Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1006

Auction price 30B
B/o 35B

as i said in the other 3d, 30 b, isks ready


31B offer.

My friend, how about 1M=1B? I offer 33.6B as b /o.

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Deal i’m in work place so i can confirm isk transfer and char transfer ticket around DT

Char transfer will use plex

If I offer 35B,can you transfer character with plex?

ok 35B
i will make transfer tick right after DT
i’m in work right now

send mail about account name you want to tranfer this char

What ’s “DT ”means? lol

check mail in game

Down time 1100 eve time

I see, Greenwich time 11:00

receive mail in game and reply here

id and 35B ISK sent

isk received
ticket submmited

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waiting for?

Can you upload your ticket screenshot here , sir. @cameron123_oneil

still not responding :frowning:

Is your operation correct? I think that they will do it in a week.

How about to use 20 dollars for this character transfer? @cameron123_oneil