WTS 331M SP, Amazing PvP Toon ( SOLD )

Hello here,
I’m selling my main pvp character, looking for a good price.

Wallet balance positive

No kill rights

2 remaps avalaible , actually Perception and Willpower

Multiple clone jump possibilities, Set HG Amulet ful for titan, HG Snake, HG Crystal + missile

I pay the fee transfert

Character location in Jita

Start : 250B

Daily Bump


Daily bump, thx offer


daily bump =D


280bil offer


Daily bump

255 b as b/o isk ready,

Thanks for offer. But my b/o is more like 360 b for a char with 332 m sp soon.

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d bump

A deal was made in game. ISK and Account Name Sent.

Char sell, Le transfert sera terminé après le 06/09/2022 05:35:30

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