WTS 33m Thanatos Character

wts Myself, Skill board Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/StarryRuler

2 Bonus Remap, 750,000 Free Sp, JDC V and all regular carrier stuff,

located in Jita, Clean corp history.

Starting Bid 30b, Will have to pay transfer fee with plex so will take a while

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25 bil

26 bill

27 bil

27,1 bill

28 Bil

29 bil

Bump and Thanks for the bids

30 bil

31 bil

32 Bil

Bump, All bids noticed.

33 bil

Bump, Current Highest bid is 33B


You can start right away if you like.

34!!! will be around for alittle while.

Bump, Bid will go for another day or two and will go to the highest bidder, which is Nikki right now :grinning:

35B This is the right price for me.

Bid will End at DT and it will be yours if no one else bids higher