WTS 34.5m SP sub-cap pilot/miner

Sh Uting - 34.5m toon with the best name EVER! Shooting! Get it? :smiley:

  • 236k SP unallocated
  • Positive Wallet
  • 0.6 Sec status
  • No kill Rights
  • No Jump Clones
  • In Jita
  • 2 remaps

No fixed sum in

14b bid

Sh Uting 16B


Let me know when the funds land, and in-game mail me the account destination, and I’ll start the transfer.

16B offer
I can close the deal as soon as possible

OK, as WTB All Characters is about as fast on these forums as I am, you get the ISK there first you get the toon. :slight_smile:

Send the ISK and an in-game mail with the account you wish me to transfer Sh Uting to and we’re good.

Transfer initiated, have fun!


fly safe