WTS 35 mil SP, perfect miner + Matar carrier pilot

Perfect exhumer pilot. Can also fly Matar carrier. Decent Engineering + Navigation skills. Can light covert cyno. Also has Planet management for 6 planets.

Onemore Onzo

3 500 000 unallocated skill points
2 bonus remaps available.
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Character is in HS (Jita)
One jump clone in Great Wildlands NPC station with +4 implants.
36 bil b/o or listening to your offers


25b offer isk ready now

26B Offer

28b offer

30B Offer: Send me a message in game if other offers fail, this is my highest offer for this toon.

30,5b offer

36 Bil bo if still available

Still available, yes.
Ready to procced, if the offer is actual, Claude Sekul

isk and account name are on the way via ingame

Isk has been received and character transfer has been engaged.

transaction completed.

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