WTS 35m sp Hel Pilot


No kill rights
Sec status - 1.9
Positive wallet
Currently located in high sec
No pods or ship skins
No unallocated sp
Has all skill books to fly a rouq

35m Sp Hel pilot
JDC- 5
Min Carrier - 5
Fighters- 5

Capital ship 5 is currently training and has 26 days left from this currant listing date

Starting bid 14b ----- buyout 24b

pilot is out of corp skill sheet is still listing it in a corp… i will also pay the transfer

I am interested, 15b

@Duck_Baby 18b offer

18.5b offer

19b offer

20b today and its a done deal

No sorry cant pay more.

I am willing to go to 20b

send isk to duck baby and mail me with the account you want it transferred to

Mail sent. Please confirm with a reply that it was sent to you properly. Once confirmed will send isk.

I have sent 20b ISK to Duck Baby. Awaiting confirmation on the transfer.

sent to account listed to in game and confirmed account name via chat

I have checked account details and have confirmed that Duck Baby transfer is in progress. It should be finished tomorrow. Will respond again when the transfer process concludes.

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