WTS 35mil SP awesome indy/freighter/exhumer

oh yeah, you know you want me


~500k isk, located in hisec, there’s a clone out in the dronelands 5-CQDA, zero assets, no kill rights, <12hrs from a rorq

i will be bumping until sunday 14th downtime before considering any offers below 1b/milSP

500.000 isk?
ill take it :slight_smile:

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500k in wallet ya dingus

22b offer

24.5b offered

25 offer

gee i sure hope i get sold before I get harvested for SP

imagine if you woke up one day and didn’t know where you were; you went to your CEO’s birthday party, and suddenly you didn’t know who the people were; you undocked from Jita, and didn’t know if you were meant to go out or come back inside


every year, millions of capsuleers are brutally extracted and left in a state that many would consider inhumane

your bid could help save a mind, a life

or you could suck his cranium dry like an exotic dancer on an Caldari VIP cruiser

28bil. Should be a bit more than striping for sp the way skill injectors are dropping :slight_smile:

I’m going on a fleet soon, if the 28b is still the top offer when I get back, Garuk is yours

good fleet, if you still want me, I’m yours PFY

Sorry, im in the UK so was fast asleep! :slight_smile:

Still want you please.

Sent you an ingame mail. Thanks

Iskies have been sent


transfer started

Notification received. Thanks

Received. Thanks.

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