WTS 36.7m SP Rorq, JF pilot with more

Rorqual and JF pilot with near-perfect jump drive skills. Lots of reprocessing and PI skills to boot.


Mixed-grade Ascendancy set active
Clone with +3s and RX-804 located in Jita

One bonus remap available
One annual remap available

The required details
NPC Corp
Zero wallet balance
No kill rights
Located in Jita

This is a PLEX transfer

26B minimum. 30B buyout.

24 bil

Breona, I have noted your bid but after doing the math it looks like I would be better to extract at that price. So I have updated the offer with a minimum and much lower buyout.

Apologies for the low bid. I was tired and didn’t do the math myself. I’ll raise my bid to 27 bil.

Seeing no other activity or interest, I accept your offer.

Please send ISK and account details.

Isk and account information sent! Please let me know if there are any issues. Thanks!

30 bil

Luciferua, thank you for the offer but I had already accepted offer from Breona and received the ISK.

I will be listing a very similar character within the hour.

Breona, ISK and details received. Preparing to open the transfer ticket.

Character received. Thank you

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