WTS 37M Carrier, Dread, JF, BLOPS Character

34 bill b/o good for 12 hours. Toon isn’t worth anymore than that.

Keep em comin…wheres yur bid Small_Ballz? Nor is your mother Scanner Alt one…

I already put my bid in you jack wagon

I wouldnt buy this toon from you even if it was 10bill at this point you’ve proven yourself to be quite the dumb ■■■■

Jack wagon? are u 6 years old? go play with yur tonkas Small_Ballz

It’s a military thing children wouldn’t understand

then your daddy should spank u Small_Ballz

I can feel my IQ dropping talking to this ■■■■■■■ guy I’m bored I’m out

run away little turd…go cry to mommy

Oh wow, this escalated as expected.

it’s all about the ratings :+1:

35b offer

36 bill

37b - 24h offer

37.01 I can do this all day … :slight_smile:

get off this thread this is my deal… 37,5b and no cent more he ain’t worth that much!

Too rich for my blood… and for that reason I am out…

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It’s ok the ship don’t stop till the liquor gone

38b right now right here!

( I need it about to lose a levi)

i need more lube