WTS 37M Carrier, Dread, JF, BLOPS Character

Well rounded Carrier, Blops, Jump Freighter pilot
pword: 1234

Starting Bid: 50B
Buyout: 59B

Positive isk
No kill rights
Located in Itamo by Jita

Whether you need to jump material from Jita to null in your Anshar, kill with your Dread, or rat in your Nig/Thanny to make your billions, - you’re covered.

Crazell allows all the benefits of null/isk while you choose which platform to master.

Can Pilot the following:

Carriers: Hel, Nighoggur, Nyx, Thanatos
Siege/Defense: Dread Moros with Blasters
All race with Railguns, Pulse Laser, or Heavy/Light Missles
Back Ops/Covert: Sin, Manticore, Nemesis
WH & gang roam with Tactical Destroyer Hecate
Battleships: all race, Navy & Pirate
Battlecruisers: all race & Navy
Cruisers: all race Navy & Pirate
Advanced Cruisers:
Heavy Assault: Caldari & Gallente
Recon: Caldari & Gallente
Strat: Proteus
Logi: Caldari & Gallente
Destroyers: all race
Tactical Destroyers: Gallente Hecate
Frigate: all race Navy & Pirate
Assault: Caldari & Gallente
Interceptor: Caldari & Gallente
Covert Ops: Caldari & Gallente
Electronic Attack: Caldari & Gallente
Tengu if you need it.

30 Bill

starting bid is 50 B please retract

59b for a character with JDC 4… good luck.

Offer 31b

I see it everyday pal and I just reported you for sabotaging my sale. The minimum bid is 50 follow the market rules. If you can’t afford it don’t bid or make negative comment.

32 bil

This is 93 B in skill injectors and over 2 years training folks. Don’t be fooled by the low bidders who are trying to flip toons.

Just for your information the going rate for toons is 1bil per mil sp and just because you put a min bid dosnt mean people cant bid below it as no one will bid the amount you ask.

Feel free to report me for trying to educate you


35bill offer good for 24 hours


Bodega cat nice try but what u say is total crap. Seems the Bazaar has turned into a place to argue what the “value” of your character is. Great job moderators. Now let me educate - you pay for what is needed based on what is trained. See who pays for a miner compared to a carrier/ JF toon. Completely ridiculous. 50B minimum

Lol, this post reminds me of another gold poster called Bono One, if I remember his name correctly.

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If you’re not bidding don’t make comment. Thats for the regular forum.

Solid GOLD

Yesh bud, 35b is as good a offer as you’ll get. Especially with the salt you’ve already dumped out.

Tri State, You must control all people on Eve, WOW, you must be a powerful overlord to determine what everyone will do with their ISK.

Let me explain for you toon flippers:

Anyone who sells their Carrier/BLOPS/JF pilot for less than 50B is a MORON. The market price is 93B ! FACT ! Whether your puny brain can do the math or not.

Injection & Plex have increased over 300M in 6 months.
If you are selling a Nyx pilot, like just sold for 70B, DO NOT sell for less than 50B to these toon flippers! If you can’t afford the iSK, PAY for the Injectors or train yourself over the next few years.

It has nothing to do with what they can fly the toon market value is determined by sp a 37mill so toon will not sell for more than 40 it’s simple I’m not telling you what to do with your toon I’ve been on this market for many years and toons usually don’t sell for more than bill per mill unless there very focused

Oh yeah how many years? BS !

I have sold similar toons for 60B+ and I have been on here for almost a decade. Pander your crap to someone who cares.

If you don’t have the ISK to bid why comment - troll? Why are you crying about it? Bid or stay out of the sale troll !

since the korean’s bought EVE, there is absolutely no moderation with you trolls anymore - U are why EVE is dying out.

Wow you need to get laid bruh lol get off the internet for a bit

thats the category you are lacking in troll - go cry for help somewhere else Small_Ballz, I mean Gunz

Lol omg this made my ■■■■■■■ day rofl

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Yeah mine too - not everyday I get to stomp on Small_Ballz